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Research lines / Projects

PEDOLOGY AND SOIL USE (6 projects, 3 in progress)

Mineralogy, forming factors and pedogenetic processes

Identification and characterization of minerals regarding their structure, physical and chemical properties and study of their influence in the soil; characterization of soils and its relationship to forming factors and pedogenetic processes. (3 projects, 2 in progress).

Pedological survey and soil use

Development and use of pedological survey techniques; development of techniques for the evaluation of agricultural and non-agricultural potential; evaluation of the potential soil use and conflicts of use. (3 projects, one in progress).

SOIL BIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY (10 projects, 7 in progress)

Microbial diversity and activity

Identification and quantification of the major groups of soil microorganisms involved in the decomposition of organic waste and xenobiotics, in the cycle of nutrients, in the microbial balance, in the soil quality and other procedures arising from different forms of soil management. (6 projects - 4 in progress).

Biological nitrogen fixation

Identification and evaluation of nitrogen fixation in symbiotic systems involving legumes and grasses, with the aim of characterization and selection of genotypes for their efficiency in fixing, competitiveness, specificity and survival; identifying factors of physical, chemical and biological order in the process of fixing and effective inoculation techniques. (4 projects - 3 course).

SOIL CHEMISTRY AND FERTILITY (36 projects, 18 in progress)

Dynamics and availability of nutrients and pollutants

Dynamics of nutrient , heavy metal and defensive on the floor; selection and calibration methods of analysis of nutrients and toxic elements for plants; efficiency of absorption and utilization of nutrients by plants; degradation of agricultural, industrial and urban waste in soil and its effect on plants, water and microorganisms (18 projects, 8 in progress).

Fertilizer, corrective, residues and contaminants in the soil management

Crop responses to the addition of fertilizers, corrective and agricultural, industrial and urban waste; efficiency of sources, seasons and modes of application of these products; fertility management of soil preparation and cultivation systems; monitoring of waste , compounds and chemicals disposal areas(11 + 7 = 18 projects, 10 in progress).


Process and control of erosion and surface runoff

Laboratory and field studies with simulated rainfall and natural rainfall for: understanding of soil erosion by rainwater and surface runoff associated; obtaining parameter values for the estimated soil loss through erosion prediction models; erosion control and runoff from crops (11 projects, 8 in progress).

Organic matter and soil quality

Dynamic and quality of the organic matter and its relationship with other soil constituents, nutrients and pesticides; modeling of the processes of accumulation and loss of organic matter in management systems; soil quality attributes related to crop productivity and environmental quality (22 projects, 14 pending).

Soil-machine relationship

Studies in laboratory and field related to: stress, deformation and compressibility of the soil; soil resistance to tearing, cutting, shearing and penetration; dynamic modeling of soil processes; use of agricultural machinery and energy on mechanized operations; physical soil quality; precision agriculture (7 projects, 6 in progress).

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