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The Informatics Nucleus developed, in August 2005, a corporate portal. It is a tool that integrates people, information and knowledge related to organizational processes. It is an information system centered on the user, integrating and disseminating knowledge and experiences of individuals and teams, satisfying, thereby, knowledge-based institutions standards.

Justification for a portal in the Faculty of Agronomy:

-       Increase productivity, by finding information faster.

-       Easier and less cost on information integration.

-       Provide correct information to the right person at the right time.

-       To make information from individuals in virtual communities.

-       Improve communication with the community through electronic channels.

-       Reduce costs with informatics supplies.

-       Improve communication with the community.

-       Integrate people who are geographically distributed.

-       Create a unique environment of access to information.

-       Create knowledge bases.

-       Improve the management of relationships with students, faculty and staff.

The most important function of a corporate portal is to provide the information that the employees of the organization need, both internal and external, and present them in a simple and practical way.

In July 2009, we implemented the new website of the Faculty of Agronomy focused on intranet, enabling employees of an organization to have access to technologies such as corporative portal, which provides a single point of access to all the organizational information and knowledge resources. Staffs of different levels and areas have the potential to find their own solutions that meet the strategic profile of the organization, or even that suit existing solutions, increasing personal development inside the organization. In other words, it becomes possible to extend this structure to the individual environment, so it never turns just only in corporative (digital), expanding to a social environment where the collaborator can show greater motivation in the use of technological applications available.

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