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The Agribusiness Postgraduate Program at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul began in 1999, which was the first program with a doctorate in Brazil. The Master and Doctorate PPG-Agribusiness have one area of concentration, called agribusiness, which aims at training teachers, researchers and qualified managers to analyze and develop research in the agro-industrial and agribusiness production chains organizations.Graduates should have the ability to carry out studies and research in these areas, especially in the multidisciplinary field. At doctoral level, primarily, it seeks to innovate in the generation and dissemination of knowledge and methodologies in Agribusiness. The research projects and theses and dissertations are channeled in two lines of research:

1. Analysis of Agroindustrial Production Chains

Description: Interdisciplinary Studies looking at the characterization of production structures, technologies, competitiveness, bottlenecks, interdependencies and coordination of agribusiness production chains in the various objects that constitute the productive chains of agribusiness.

2. Agribusiness Management Organizations

Description: Interdisciplinary Studies on all aspects related to strategies, management and agribusiness organizations, which deal with the understanding of the dynamics and specificity of organization and management of agribusiness at all chain links.In these studies, it has been given attention to the development of systemic studies on the organization to enable mainstreaming of knowledge of the various areas of research focus.

In a process of continuous improvement, many actions have been developed to integrate interdisciplinary faculty and students in order to align the publication of articles in national and international conferences with a future publication in high impact journals in the area.

The first eleven years of PPG-Agribusiness activities were devoted mainly related to the installation of the Academic Master and Doctorate in an interdisciplinary way, who are now consolidated activities. Regarding to education, they are offered compulsory and elective subjects each semester, so that all Masters Students could complete the 24 credits required for the course in the first year of study, and doctoral students 44 credits minimum until the second year of study.As regulatory framework of the program, in 2013 the Intern Rules of the program was modified, creating legal aspects meeting the new demands on the new obligations of students, timelines and scientific production. This became effective in 2014.

Since 2012 a valuation policy for international exchange, scientific production of quality and expansion strategies of multidisciplinary exercises was established.

The program maintains a balance of master students and doctoral students in the ratio of 1: 1, but for the next few years, the doctoral level will be prioritized.

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